Avi Luxenburg
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Information Technology Teacher
School Network Manager
Courtenay Middle School

Dave Bawtinheimer (Principal - Retired: 250 923-7771 Kevin Reimer (vice-principal – now principal of Puntledge Elementary School at 250 334-4495)

In addition to running the Library and teaching Information Technology, I worked with every teacher in the school to integrate technology into Social Studies, English and CAPP.

During this time I was completing a Royal Roads Masters in Leadership and Training with a focus on technology. My developing understanding of leadership and of how students best learn resulted in some of the most dynamic technology integration we had experienced thus far.

Some teachers chose to work with me on units we designed that challenged students in numerous ways, from critical thinking to developing a deep understanding of curricular topics, to ways in which they use technology. These units created a context for deep understanding and had students use technology seamlessly within the process and product of the projects.

During my tenure at Courtenay Middle School I brought almost $30,000 into the school by applying for and receiving federal grants from the Schoolnet Grassroots program. The school benefited greatly from the use of these funds to supplement technology related purchases and upgrades.

As an Information Technology teacher, I provided leadership and management of our school network. My students create Web Sites, Flash projects, Publisher projects, Graphic arts projects, and much more. I had the honour to work with and help many teachers in our school effectively integrate the use of technology for dynamic, “in-context” learning.

Responsibilities Accomplishments
Info Tech 8

Completely self-directed course.

Site still live  
Info Tech 7

Very challenging course

Site still live