Avi Luxenburg
More Hair Development Responsibilities
Information Technology
School Network Manager
Courtenay Middle School

Dave Bawtinheimer (Principal - Retired: 250 923-7771) Kevin Reimer (Vice-principal – now principal of Puntledge Elementary School at 250 334-4495)

TIE Expo
One of my Proudest

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Areas of pride and professional growth in creation of the TIE Expo:

Empowered others to lead,

Generated a sense of pride in students and teachers,

Involved the community,

Engendered new levels of achievement in students,

Provided schools and education in general with a very positive public relations experience,

Developed and inspired a vision,

Further developed ability to lead by example, inspiration, and empowerment.

Parent Groups re: Life Online

Teachers re: Personalized Learning

Courtenay Middle School’s use of technology in education (2005 Vista Conference)

Collaboration with teachers on online course design and development
Flash Web Site Master  (Very cool Site created  In Flash by my students and me) Still live -  Click to visit
How to Write an Essay on the Fly Interactive Flip book for Middle School Students.